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Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance or have an established spiritually-based business—Minnie’s List of Metaphysical South Florida is the most complete metaphysical directory. From books and guides to enlightenment circles as well as healers, teachers and centers, there is something for every level of spirituality.  For businesses this is the place to advertise because of the high concentration of visitors to a variety of spiritual and holistic niches.

Minnie’s List of Metaphysical South Florida is on top of Special Events and Workshops. Whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee you can map out where you want to go and what you want to see in the event section. Browse the Glossaries for metaphysical terms to know and even healing crystal types.

Here, you can browse a vast compendium of articles and enrich your knowledge.  Whether you are interested in learning about a spirit-based subject or just want to be pleasantly entertained, Minnie’s list has a comprehensive article base for you to enjoy, that they contribute to endlessly you may just be surprised at what you find.

The Passion behind Minnie’s List was inspired by Cathy Davis’ mother, Minnie, who herself was a healer and assisted many people in her time.  Cathy wants to provide people with a place that they can safely and conveniently find the right spirit-based connection, learn more about certain modalities and find the resources to meet their needs.

Minnie’s List will serve many individual interested in living a more metaphysical, holistic, spiritual life:

  • Articles on Healthy Living, Metaphysical Practices, Spiritual Teachings
  • Recommended books, audios, and videos
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  • Online Listings of Teachers, Healers and Mediums


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