Agate is a very powerful stone that fosters love, courage, abundance and wealth. It is also very grounding and protective. It is known as the “stone of balance.”

    Various colors ranging from blue to green to orange.

    Amazonite inspires truth, sincerity, communication and trust. It also increases one’s sense of self-worth, and helps manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love.

    Pale blue with a turquoise hue.

    Amber absorbs and transmutes negativity and is a powerful cleanser and healer. Its light energy is calming and energizing and it purifies the spirit and heart. Note that it is not officially a crystal since it is resin from trees.

    Mix of golden brown and yellow.

    Amethyst is a Divine stone of high spiritual vibration. It promotes life changes and a shift in consciousness, and develops spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. It also calms the mind as it is helpful in meditation.


    Angelite provides psychic protection. It also aids telepathy, mediumship as well as contact with one’s angels and spirit guides.

    Light blue.

    Aquamarine is calming and sends peace to one’s soul. It is cleansing and inspires truth, courage, trust and letting go. It also heals and improves eyesight.

    Blue to turquoise.

    Aventurine attracts abundance and prosperity and is considered an all purpose healer. It also increases confidence and gratitude, and promotes positivity and tranquility.

    Usually green but also found in blue, red, and orange.

     Azurite provides mental clarity and helps manage emotions and reactions by helping the mind expand. It stimulates the intellect, unblocks the psyche and offers spiritual guidance.

    Deep blue.

    Bloodstone is a powerful healer and an excellent blood cleanser. It also increases courage, strength and creativity, and helps protect from negative energies.

    Dark green with red specks.

    Carnelian protects and promotes peace, harmony and increased creativity. It is also known to increase one’s energy level and combat depression.

    Brown to orange.

    Celestite is connected to the Angelic realm and enlightens while it uplifts. It also alleviates fear and anxiety, and has a stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts.

    Light blue with translucence.

    Citrine symbolizes light-heartedness and joy as it boosts and increases happiness. It also clarifies thoughts and promotes success and prosperity.

    Yellow with translucence.

     A diamond is the hardest gemstone. It is said to enhance love and longevity in relationships, but also draw in positivity while protecting against negativity.

    Usually clear, but also comes in other colors such as pink or yellow.

     Emerald is believed to have originated from Venus and is associated with fertility, intuition and faith. It stabilizes, soothes and helps in periods of transition.


     Fluorite improves memory and concentration and calms the nervous system. It’s also used as an aid in meditation and consciousness expansion, and brings order to chaos.

    Various colors ranging from green to purple to yellow.

     Garnet stimulates life-force, boosts sexuality and balances the circulatory system. It promotes emotional and mental healing.

    Usually red to bronze but can also be green.

     Hematite is a powerful grounding stone, it strengthens the body and helps with stressful circumstances. It can also alleviate headaches.

    Metallic gray.

     Howlite is a very soothing stone that reduces anxiety. It stills the mind, calms the emotions and is also known to relieve insomnia.


     Revered for centuries in ancient Chinese culture, jade attracts good luck, wisdom, and longevity. It is very soothing, it strengthens the body and dispels all negative influence. It is a symbol of purity.

    Usually green but also comes in other colors such as red, yellow or black.

     Kyanite is excellent for meditation, attunement and relaxation. It is useful in opening the third eye chakra and can enhance visualization and creativity.

    Blue or green.

     Labradorite is a mystical stone that dispels negative energies and is associated with the moon. It keeps one’s aura balanced and clear, and free of energy leaks.

    Dark gray with an iridescence of blue, green, yellow and pink.

     Lapis Lazuli is known as the “Stone of Heaven.” It is believed to possess magical powers, and can enhance intuition, mental clarity and inner power.

    Deep blue with flashes of gold.

      Lepidolite promotes tranquility, trust, and acceptance. It also balances the nervous system, and attracts fortune and luck.


    Malachite is extremely powerful, it is known as the “stone of transformation,” as it draws out deep feelings, absorbs negativity, and clears subconscious blocks. It facilitates emotional healing.

    Dark green.

    Moldavite is of “extraterrestrial” origin, meaning not from this Earth. It is directly correlated with the heart chakra and aids in spiritual growth and consciousness rising.


    Moonstone is a feminine stone associated with the moon, emotions and harmony. It brings on good fortune and spiritual insight, and is also considered nurturing and full of love.

    White with iridescence of red, purple, yellow and green.

    Mookaite alleviates stress and promotes a feeling of wholeness. It aids in decision making and it promotes new ideas and energy.

    Burgundy and mustard.

    Onyx reduces stress and increases emotional stability. It provides strength, support and grounding. In general it helps with self-control and self-confidence.


    Opal is one of the more powerful crystals that releases inhibitions while enhancing creativity. It amplifies traits (whether positive or negative), and brings them to the surface for transformation. It is also a stone of inspiration.

    There are many variations in color from white to black along with bright iridescence.

    Peridot purifies and protects, and is associated with the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. It emits a friendly energy and can also ease depression.

    Light green.

    Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold.” It energizes the body and boosts confidence. It also protects against negative energies and stimulates the intellect.

    Metallic silver to gray.

    There are many strains of quartz. For instance, clear quartz is a pure and powerful stone that truly has the ability to absorb, amplify and purify energy. Rose quartz is considered the “unconditional love” stone, attracting love, inner peace, loyalty, and forgiveness. It opens up the Heart Chakra.

    Found in many colors, from clear to pink to brown.

    Rhodochrosite assists deep emotional healing, opens the heart and promotes positivity. It promotes courage, harmony and friendship.

    Pink to red.

    Ruby is associated with energy, power and passion. It is also protective and is said to shield the one who wears it against unhappiness.


    Sapphire is linked to the Divine, the sacred and to royalty. It is also associated with beauty and wisdom, and can enhance psychic abilities, inspire truth and insight.

    Various colors from deep blue to pink to yellow to green.

    Selenite clears the mind but also opens and aligns the chakras. It is often used to expand our awareness, transmit light and also acts as a clear channel.

    Clear translucent.

    Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. It also brings mental clarity and rational thought, but also enhances intuition.

    Deep blue with white veins.

     Tiger’s eye allows you to truly see things as they are; it brings insight and clear thinking. It is particularly useful for the mind as it helps with concentration but also with psychic development.

    Gold to brown hues.

    Topaz enhances creativity and appreciation for beauty. It also helps alleviate depression, fears, stress and psychosomatic illnesses.

    Various colors from blue to pink to yellow.

     Tourmaline is used to restore balance, repel negativity and augment happiness. It is a protective and grounding stone, and can also help dissolve emotional pain.

    Various colors like black, pink, yellow, green or watermelon.

     Turquoise is a master healing stone. It is considered sacred and very powerful; it is associated with the Throat Chakra and is great for communication. It also induces wisdom, trust and understanding.

    Blue to green.

     Zincite is an energizing crystal particularly for the Sacral Chakra. It also stimulates creativity and removes energy blockages.

    Yellow to red hues.